Strawberry vegan cheesecake jars

vegan cheesecake jars one

June is all about strawberries for me so I figured I’d better get started with strawberry-themed desserts as soon as possible, the season is short! I try to only buy them in season and switch to frozen if a sudden hankering for a strawberry smoothie hits me in the middle of winter (although it rarely does to be honest) so I cannot get enough of them when the season finally rolls around…

Teriyaki tofu noodle salad

Happy Wednesday guys! Hope the sun is shining in your part of the world too. We have finally stepped into summer territory and my mood has lifted, as if by magic. I try to sneak out to the garden (aka

Vegan coconut macaroons

Hello! I'm baaack! Apologies for a bit of a radio silence but I've had a massively busy week and recipe development has had to take a bit of a back seat. I returned from London late last night where

Edamame potstickers with wasabi

Hope you guys are well and, if you live in the UK, are enjoying the long awaited summer sunshine that the weather gods have finally bestowed on us. I'm thrilled that the weather is finally improving,

Vegan beetroot chocolate cake

Hope you guys are well and, if you happen to live in the Great Drizzle Kingdom, not too peeved by the fact that it's nonstop raining and blowing a gale despite us being on the precipice of summer. I

Green vegan salad

What's up with the weather lately? We are nearing the end of May so it's not crazy to expect some proper sunshine and warmth at this stage, surely? Instead, it's windy and cold and the sun, while

Vegan peanut brittle

Long time no hear! I'm so happy to be back up and running and to be able to bring you a new recipe. The reason for my absence was twofold. Firstly, we went away to the Pembrokeshire coast for a few