Vegan apple pancakes

vegan apple pancakes stack

I don’t know about you, but for me personally this past week has been hard. I have spent most of my time talking to contractors about costly repairs, painting (cleaning, caulking and sanding beforehand), and feeling that time is getting away from me and I am getting very little done. It took me 4 days (as opposed to the 2 I estimated) to nearly (without the ceiling and one feature wall) paint the living room. I did make a bit of a mistake and bought the most custard-like paint I could find, which meant that it has great coverage but it’s very laborious to roll.

Miso mushrooms with chickpeas and kale

Hello and apologies for going quiet on social media and not replying to comments for a few days, but I have been caked in sanding dust and covered in paint splatters. No, I am not at some fancy art

Vegan chocolate banana bread muffins

Hope you have good things planned this weekend? We have just got to London where I will be staying for the next few weeks as I have some stuff I need to take care of. We've packed the car with random

Vegan meatball platter

Today's recipe is a bit of a goodbye to one of my favourite late summer vegetables - aubergine, or eggplant, although I may be able to squeeze one more aubergine dish in before we part ways, as the

Roasted grape and fennel salad

Today's recipe is a simple yet delicious roasted grape and fennel salad that I've been meaning to make for at least a year and since I've been seeing lots of beautiful fennel bulbs in shops lately,

Vegan almond cookies

I love autumn and its low-in-the-sky autumn sun - maybe because I'm an October child - and we've been blessed with a fair amount of it here lately. I try to find a patch of it in my garden whenever I

Gochujang eggplant

Even though autumn is clearly very much in the air, I am still a little nostalgic about summer. It's perhaps because I feel that there wasn't enough of it this year and what there was was tainted by

Vegan carrot cupcakes with cashew frosting

Today's recipe is another autumn classic, which I have been planning on making for a while - deliciously moist carrot cupcakes fragrant with spices and topped with luscious and pillowy cashew cream.