Vegan wild garlic pesto

vegan wild garlic pesto jar

When hiking the hills of North Devon recently, we noticed that the forest had a mild chive-like aroma to it. We looked around and realised why. Every single patch of soil that hadn’t already been taken by the trees was overgrown with wild garlic (also known as ramsons). Its delicate, pointy leaves looked gorgeous scalloped on top of each other, creating an intensely green, dense carpet on the forest floor.

Celeriac chips

Finish the following phrase for me please: fish and ... Did I hear you say 'chips'? Yes, I thought so ;) . It's such an instant association, isn't it? At least for me. Well, since on Friday I treated

Vegan fish finger sandwich

Happy Friday, guys! Hope you are well and have some exciting weekend plans to look forward to! I'm juggling finishing off my posts with running errands and packing as tomorrow, we are off to an

Vegan pesto pasta with kale

Hope you guys enjoyed the Easter long weekend? We had grand plans of going hiking somewhere around Bristol, combined with having a picnic and a cake for Duncan's upcoming birthday, but the weather had

Eggless banana bread

Who would like a slice of banana bread? I really like making cakes and I like sharing them with others. Always in the hope that they will enjoy them, of course. I may have a mindset problem, but I

Vegan bibimbap

Do you remember my recent post for vegan katsu curry? If you recall, it was inspired by my frustration at eating a very mediocre version of that dish while out. Well, the story behind this recipe is

Vegan chocolate cookies (2 ways)

These vegan chocolate cookies came to me last night! I just finished a photoshoot, tidied up and started to relax after a day's worth of work when an idea for these cookies sparked up in the superior