Peanut butter caramel chocolate mousse

peanut butter caramel mousse

Hope the sun is shining for you this weekend! Our weather is not too bad, which is a miracle as it’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK and that’s usually a fire sure recipe for rain. We are not planning on doing much as we both need to recharge our batteries a little. I am working today to bring this delicious weekend dessert to you, but once I hit ‘publish’, I shall chill in the garden with a book and my cat, Tina.

Vegan yakisoba

Happy Wednesday, guys! Hope your week is peachy? I'm overjoyed that it is finally a couple of degrees warmer and the sun is more of a permanent fixture. It is still a far cry from summer weather, but

Healthy carrot cake

Happy weekend, guys! Hope you have some good things planned? We are having our guest bedroom floor sanded on Saturday, whoop whoop. From 8 am in the morning though so that's less cool, but we are very

Fried tempeh bowls

Hey guys, hope your week is peachy?! We've been blessed with beautifully sunny weather here in Bristol (it's May so about time, eh?) this week and I found it extremely hard to get any work done as a

Vegan aubergine curry

Hope your week has been peachy and you have exciting weekend plans ahead! As you probably already know, our roof is falling apart (well, I am being a tad dramatic here) and it's in need of a

Vegan baba ganoush

It's crazy how moving to a different area of the same city can change your experience of the place completely. Before we bought this house, we were renting in an area of Bristol that we had been told

Lemongrass soup with noodles and greens

Hope you guys have had a good week and have exciting weekend plans ahead? We've spent the past weekend socialising with my brother and his girlfriend who were visiting. It was a lot of fun, even if

Vegan coffee walnut cake

It's almost the weekend again, yay! I am looking forward to this one immensely given that the last one did not feel like a weekend at all. We put the final coat of paint on the guest bedroom's walls