Vegan poppy seed roll

vegan poppy seed roll made

How are you, guys? Are you Xmas ready yet? As usual, I feel nowhere near ready and I keep on thinking that there is still plenty of time to get presents etc. until I take a look at a calendar and I am in shock at how wrong I am. This is why Duncan often laughs that my perception of time is not the most accurate. I get caught out by things.

Easy eggless latkes

Welcome to Lazy Cat Kitchen Latkesfest 2.0 ;) . They are much, much simpler than my original version and they taste better too! If that's not a win, I don't know what is! They taste so good in fact,

Vegan peanut curry with sweet potato

Yesterday was a truly miserable day around these parts. Both me and Tina sat at home all day long watching it rain and wishing it had stopped. Me, because I stupidly procrastinated my running when I

Flourless chocolate hazelnut cookies

When it comes to chocolate and hazelnuts, they can do no wrong in my books! My love for this flavour combo started in my childhood when my dad used to bring us a specific brand of hazelnut chocolate

Vegan Thanksgiving pithiviers

Is anyone else finding it hard to cope with these super short and dark days? I do big time, I must admit. I've been generally struggling with my mood lately, but the lack of sunlight is definitely not

Vegan pecan pie

While we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, vegan pecan pie eating is something I could easily get behind. It happens to combine some of my favourite flavours on Earth: buttery pecans bathed in an

Maple roasted carrots with cranberries

Happy mid-week, guys! After a week in sunny Poland, I am back to playing hide and seek with the sun in Bristol. The days are short and often grey, which poses a massive challenge as far as natural