Easy vegan chocolate cookies

vegan chocolate cookies tray

This past week has been very emotionally draining and I really feel the need to take it easy this weekend. After a week of freezing cold downstairs, we now finally have two working radiators in our newly opened up living space, so spending time in my kitchen is a pleasure again and having painted the wall the radiators hang on, we are finally able to get a glimpse of what our living room will eventually look like. It’s motivating to keep going despite some short term discomfort.

Vegan pumpkin galette

This past week has been somewhat hellish and I am so glad that it is over, even though this weekend won't yet be relaxing either. On Monday, we've had a wall between our kitchen-diner and living room

Vegan shepherd’s pie

This weekend, we are finalising our paint choice for the living room as builders will start knocking down the dividing wall on Monday. I realise that I have made some bold claims about painting the

Vegan pumpkin alfredo

This week we are all about preparing for the builders who start on our living room / dining room knock-down on Monday at 8AM sharp. We've done most of the prep, but there is still a lot to be done

Flourless vegan brownies

If you follow us on Instagram, you might know already that this past Wednesday night we were invited to the Bristol premiere of a new BBC nature documentary series called Seven Worlds One Planet

Vegan minestrone soup

Now that autumn has fully moved in, the omnipresent evening chill is felt even more acutely by us in our sad, furnitureless living room, with half-scraped off walls and insufficient radiator coverage.

Vegan mushroom and cabbage pierogi

Happy weekend, guys! After a lot of procrastination we are finally embarking on the project of doing up our living room. Currently, we have no furniture or TV in there and we took the ghastly